At Emerald Dance Academy we offer Ballet classes for children aged 3+.

Preparatory Ballet is an introduction to the fundamentals of ballet and is aimed at children ages 3-5 years.

The class aims to help children with their coordination, rhythm, musicality, and basic ballet technique within a fun and relaxed environment. The class will encourage an early love of movement, music, and dance. 

When students have completed their Preparatory exam they will then move up to the next grade where children will advance in their technique and be able to execute more developed choreography. 

Good Ballet training has so many benefits such as good posture, flexibility, coordination, strength, and confidence.

Primary Ballet
Grade 1 Ballet


Our Lyrical/Contemporary dance class focuses on emotion and physical expression whilst combining modern jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance techniques. 


Bollywood Dance


Bollywood Dance is a great way to improve coordination, rhythm, and musicality whilst learning a fun and vibrant dance style!

Students will learn new and exciting Bollywood dance routines to popular Bollywood songs!

We have Bollywood classes suitable for children ages 3 upwards, we also have classes for adults too!

At each class students will be offered a bindi, coin skirt and bangles to use if they wish!

Try something new with this exciting, vibrant and energetic dance style!

Bollywood Dance

Street Dance


The Street Dance class for 3-5 yrs is a great way for your child to build confidence, coordination, and rhythm whilst having lots of fun dancing to their favourite songs! 

The Street Dance class for ages 6+ has all the benefits listed above as well as progressing the students training in more depth, exploring the different techniques within Street Dance!

Street Dance

Emerald Mini's


The Emerald Mini's dance class is for children aged 18 months to 3 years. 

Introduce your toddler to dance in a safe, relaxed and fun environment where you are able to join in with your Emerald Mini to help with their confidence within their first ever dance class! Benefits of the class include coordination, confidence, balance, rhythm and social skills.